Sensory Research in Göttingen

Sensory Club

The Sensory Club is a forum for presenting and discussing new data within the Goettingen Sensory Community.

It is typically held on Thursdays, 12:00 noon, mostly in the Seminar room A1 of the MPI for Experimental Medicine.

Next Meeting:

... to be announced.

Past Meetings:

9th of December, 2014, Dr. Nuno Raimundo

17th of June, 2014, Dr. Michael S. Osmanski (Location: DPZ Lecture Hall, Kellnerweg 4)

6th of May, 2014, Dr. Katrin Willig, Dr. Jakob Neef

13th of May, 2014, Dr. Henrik Bringmann (Location: HNO Library, Robert-Koch-Straße 40)

18th of March, 2014, Dr. Marcus Jeschke, Janina Hüer

25th of April, 2013, Dr. Manuela Schmidt

7th of March, 2013, Dr. Ira Milosevic

11th of Oct, 2012, Livia de Hoz Garcia-Bellido

19th of July, 2012, Dr. Jakob Neef, Tzu-Lun Wang, Aaron Wong

4th of June, 2012, Dr. Stefan Hallermann

28th of April, 2011, Prof. Jochen Staiger

20th of January, 2011, Prof. Dr. Thomas Dresbach

7th of October, 2010, Fiala group

20th of May, 2010, Moser group (Victor Hernandez)

25th of March, 2010, Rizzoli group (Dirk Kamin)

14th of January, 2010, Optogenics, to be continued

1st of October, 2009, InnerEarLab (Moser,Reisinger,Strenzke, Neef)

10th of September, 2009, Gail group DPZ

11th of August, 2009, Gail group, postponed

28th of July, 2009, Treue group, postponed

7th of May, 2009, Goepfert group