Göttinger Graduiertenschule für Neurowissenschaften, Biophysik und Molekulare Biowissenschaften

Baret, Jean-Christophe, Prof. PhD

  • 1998-2002 Engineer Degree (ESPCI, Paris, France) and Master Degree (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France)
  • 2002-2005 PhD in Physics, Universiteit Twente (The Netherlands)
  • 2005-2009 Post-doctoral research, ISIS-CNRS-Université de Strasbourg (France)
  • since 2010 Max-Planck Research Group Leader at the MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization
  • since 2014 Professor at the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, Université de Bordeaux, France

Major Research Interests
Studying the physics and physical chemistry of interfaces in multiphase flows has a practical relevance to understand the behaviour of foams (used for example in food technology...), emulsions (cosmetics, medicine, biotechnology,...) or membranes (material sciences, cell biology...). The focus of our group is the fundamental study of interfaces in liquid systems through the dynamics of droplets, bubbles and emulsions. Using microfluidic tools we produce controlled liquid structures and investigate the transient states in droplet formation, emulsification or coalescence and the influence of external fields on the dynamics of droplet interfaces. We also collaborate with biologists and biochemists on applications of droplet-based microfluidics to create new tools for the miniaturization of bio-chemical assays.

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Selected Recent Publications

  • Y. Skhiri, P. Gruner, B. Semin, Q. Brosseau, D. Pekin, L. Mazutis, V. Goust, F. Kleinschmidt, A. El Harrak, J.B. Hutchison, E. Mayot, J.-F. Bartolo, A.D. Griffiths, V. Taly, J.-C. Baret (2012) Dynamics of molecular transport by surfactants in emulsions. Soft Matter 8, 10618-10627.
  • O.J. Miller, A. El Harrak, T. Mangeat, J.-C. Baret, L. Frenz, B. El Debs, E. Mayot, M.L. Samuels, E.K. Rooney, P. Dieu, M. Galvan, D.R. Link and A.D. Griffiths (2012) High-resolution dose-response screening using droplet-based microfluidics, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 10, 378-383.
  • J. J. Agresti, E. Antipov, A. R. Abate, K. Ahn, A. C. Rowat, J.-C. Baret, M. Marquez, A. M. Klibanov, A. D. Griffiths, and D. A. Weitz (2010) Ultrahigh-throughput screening in drop-based microfluidics for directed evolution Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 107, 4004
  • J.-C. Baret, O. J. Miller, V. Taly, M. Ryckelynck, A. El-Harrak, L. Frenz, C. Rick, M. L. Samuels, J. B. Hutchison, J. J. Agresti, D. R. Link, D. A. Weitz, and A. D. Griffiths (2009) Fluorescence-activated droplet sorting (FADS): efficient microfluidic cell sorting based on enzymatic activity. Lab Chip 9, 1850.
  • L. Frenz, A. El Harrak, M. Pauly, S. Begin-Colin, A. D. Griffiths, and J.-C. Baret (2008) Droplet-based microreactors for the synthesis of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 47, 6817.