Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Ulrich Brose

Ulrich Brose is the head of the section for Systemic Conservation Biology. His main interests are in the fields of (I) community ecology, (II) conservation biology, (III) consumer-resource interactions, and (IV) complex food-web analyses.

Key expertise:
• empirical community ecology;
• assessing biodiversity in natural ecosystems;
• modeling complex food-webs;
• biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships;

Selected publications:
Berlow, E.L., Dunne, J.A., Martinez, N.D., Stark, P.B., Williams, R.J. & Brose, U. (2009): Simpleprediction of interaction strengths in complex food webs. PNAS 106: 187-191.

Brose, U. (2008): Complex food webs prevent competitive exclusion among producer species. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 275: 2507 - 2514.

Otto, S., Rall, B.C., & Brose, U. (2007): Allometric degree distributions facilitate food web stability. Nature 450: 1226-1229.

Brose, U., Williams, R.J. & Martinez, N.D. (2006): Allometric scaling enhances stability in complex food webs. Ecology Letters 9: 1228-1236.

Brose, U., Ostling, A., Harrison, K. & Martinez, N.D. (2004): Unified spatial scaling of species and their trophic interactions. Nature 428: 167-171.

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Ulrich Brose teaches the following course:
Conservation and Ecosystem Management (together with C. Ammer)