Ursula Kües

Ursula Kües is the head of the section Molecular Wood Biotechnology and Technical Mycology, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. Her main interests are in the fields of (i) molecular biology, genomics and proteomics of fungi (ii), wood decaying fungi, their ligninocellulolytic enzymes and their applications in biotechnology, and (iii) fungal development and ecology.

Key expertise:
• Molecular Genetics and Genomics of Fungi
• Evolution of Fungal Genes and Proteins
• Enzymes in Wood Decay
• Fungal Biotechnology, Enzymology and Fermentation
• Fungal Developmental Biology

Selected publications:
Ohm, R.A. et al. [Kües, U. as member of the Schizophyllum Genome Sequencing Consortium] (2010). Genome sequence of the model mushroom Schizophyllum commune. Nature Biotechnology 28:957-963
Stajich, J.E. et al. [Hoegger, P.J., Kilaru, S., Kües, U., Velagapudi, R. as member of the Coprinopsis Genome Sequencing Consortium] (2010). Insights into evolution of multicellular fungi from the assembled chromosomes of the mushroom Coprinopsis cinerea (Coprinus cinereus). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107:11889-11894
Courty, P.E., Hoegger, P.J., Kilaru, S., Kohler, A., Bueé, M., Garbaye, J., Martin, F., Kües, U. (2009). Phylogenetic analysis, genomic organization, and expression analysis of multi-copper oxidases in the ectomycorrhizal basidiomycete Laccaria bicolor. New Phytologist 182: 736-750
Kües, U. (ed.) Wood production, wood technology, and biotechnological impacts. Universitätsverlag Göttingen, Göttingen, ISBN-13: 978-3-940344-11-3; http://webdoc.sub.gwdg.de/univerlag/2007/wood_production.pdf; 635 pages
Liu, Y., Srivilai, P., Loos, S., Aebi, M., Kües, U. (2006) An essential gene for fruiting body initiation in the basidiomycete Coprinopsis cinerea is homologous to bacterial cyclopropane fatty acid synthase genes. Genetics 172:873-884
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Ursula Kües teaches the following courses:
Methods in Systems Biology
Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Laboratory Techniques