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Prof. Dr. Dirk Hölscher

University of Göttingen
Tropical Silviculture and Forest Ecology
Büsgenweg 1
D-37077 Göttingen

Tel.: +49 (0) 551 39-22121
Fax: +49 (0) 551 39-4019

Dirk Hölscher

Dirk Hölscher is the head of the section Tropical Silviculture and Forest Ecology, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. His main interests are in the fields of (i) eco-hydrology, and (ii) applied vegetation ecology. A focus lies on tropical reforestation and agroforestry.

Key expertise:
• Forest ecology
• Ecohydrology
• Applied vegetation ecology
• Tree based land use

Selected publications:
Köhler, M., Schwendenmann, L., Hölscher, D. (2010). Throughfall reduction in a cacao agroforest: tree water use and soil water budgeting. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 150: 1079-1089.
Roeder, M., Hölscher, D., Kossner-Ferraz, I. (2010). Liana regeneration in secondary and primary forests of Central Amazonia. Plant Ecology & Diversity 3: 165-174
Dierick, D., Hölscher, D. (2009). Species-specific tree water use characteristics in reforestation stands in the Philippines. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 149: 1317-1326
Hölscher, D., Dunker, B., Harbusch, M., Corre, M. (2009). Fine root distribution in a lower montane rainforest of Panama. Biotropica 41: 312-318.
Nieschulze, J., Erasmi, S., Dietz, J., Hölscher, D. (2009). Satellite-based prediction of rainfall interception by tropical forest stands of a human-dominated landscape in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Journal of Hydrology 364: 227-235.

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Dirk Hölscher teaches the following courses:
Plant Ecology and Diversity