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Rainer Finkeldey

Prof. Dr. Reiner Finkeldey
Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding
Georg-August-University Göttingen
Büsgenweg 2
D-37077 Göttingen

Reiner Finkeldey

Reiner Finkeldey is the head of the section Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. His main interests are in the fields of (i) genetic and adaptive patterns of diversity in forest trees, (ii) the relation between genetic diversity, other aspects of biodiversity, and ecosystem functions and services, and (iii) genetic diversity of tropical forest trees.

Key expertise:
• Population Genetics and Ecological Genetics of Forest Trees
• Evolutionary Genetics and Molecular Genetics of Plants
• Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources in Tropical and Temperate Forests
• Human Impact on Plant Genetic Resources
• Genetic Responses of Plant Populations to Global Change

Selected publications:
Finkeldey, R., Leinemann, L., Gailing, O. (2010). Molecular genetic tools to infer the origin of forest plants and wood. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 85: 1251-1258
Curtu, A.L., Gailing, O., Finkeldey, R. (2009). Patterns of contemporary hybridization inferred from paternity analysis in a four-oak-species forest. BMC Evolutionary Biology 9: 284
Gailing, O., Vornam, B., Leinemann, L., Finkeldey, R. (2009) Genetic and genomic approaches to assess adaptive genetic variation in plants: forest trees as a model. Physiologia Plantarum 137: 509-519
Gailing, O., Langenfeld-Heyser, R., Polle, A., Finkeldey, R. (2008). QTL loci affecting stomatal density and growth in a Quercus robur progeny: implications for the adaptation to changing environments. Global Change Biology 14: 1934-1946
Cao, C.P., Gailing, O., Siregar, I.Z., Siregar, U., Finkeldey, R. (2009) Genetic variation in nine Shorea species revealed by AFLPs. Tree Genetics and Genomes 5: 407-420

Please visit for more information and for a list of publications.

Reiner Finkeldey teaches the following courses:
• Methods in Systems Biology, Genomics (together with Kathleen Prinz)
• The Research Community: Stucture and Organization (The Science-Policy Interface: Society and Research Structures together with M. Böcher, W. Hiltscher and M. Krott)
• Ecological Genetics (together with Martin Ziehe)
• Conservation of biodiversity
• Intraspecific diversity of plants