Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Alexander Knohl

Alexander Knohl is the head of the section Bioclimatology, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. His main interests are in the fields of (i) biosphere-atmosphere interactions, (ii) stable isotope ecology, and (iii) micrometeorology.

Key expertise:
• Carbon and water cycles in terrestrial ecosystems
• Micrometeorological and stable isotope measurements
• Impact of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems
• Process-based ecosystem modeling

Selected publications:
Luyssaert S., Schulze E.D., Boerner A., Knohl A., Hessenmöller D., Law B.E., Ciais P., Grace J. (2008). Old-growth forests as global carbons sinks. Nature 455 (7210): 213-215
Knohl A., Baldocchi D.D. (2008). Effects of diffuse radiation on canopy gas exchange processes in a forest ecosystem. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences 113: G02023.
Ciais P., Reichstein M., Viovy N., Granier A., Ogee J., Allard V., Aubinet M.,Buchmann N., Bernhofer C., Carrara A., Chevallier F., De Noblet N., Friend A.D., Friedlingstein P., Grunwald T., Heinesch B., Keronen P., Knohl A., Krinner G., Loustau D., Manca G., Matteucci G., Miglietta F., Ourcival J.M., Papale D., Pilegaard K., Rambal S., Seufert G., Soussana J.F., Sanz M.J., Schulze E.D., Vesala T., Valentini R. (2005) Europe wide reduction in primary productivity caused by the heat and drought in 2003. Nature 437: 529-533.
Knohl A., Werner R.A., Brand W.A., Buchmann N. (2005) Short-term variations in delta C-13 of ecosystem respiration reveals link between assimilation and respiration in a deciduous forest. Oecologia. 142: 70-82.
Knohl A., Schulze E.D., Kolle O., Buchmann N. (2003) Large carbon uptake by an unmanaged 250 year-old deciduous forest in Central Germany. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 118: 151-167.

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Alexander Knohl teaches the following courses:
Atmosphere-Ecosystem Interactions
Global Change (together with Edzo Veldkamp)