Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Joachim Saborowski

Joachim Saborowski is Professor for Forest Biometrics and Forest Inventory in the sections Ecoinformatics, Biometrics and Forest Growth, and Ecosystem Modelling, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. His main interests are in the fields of (i) geostatistics and regionalization , (ii) sampling techniques and forest inventory.

Key expertise:
• Multistage and multiphase sampling techniques in forest inventory
• Line and point transect sampling, randomized branch sampling
• Spatial prediction of forest stand characteristics
• Analysis of point processes

Selected publications:
Saborowski, J.; Marx, A.; Nagel, J.; Böckmann, T. (2010). Double sampling for stratification in periodic inventories – infinite population approach. Forest Ecology and Management 260(10): 1886-1895.
Cullmann, A. D.; Saborowski, J. (2010). Conditional versus unconditional mean squared prediction errors for gaussian processes with constant but unknown mean. Environmetrics 21: 541-548.
Nuske, R.; Sprauer, S.; Saborowski, J. (2009). Adapting the pair-correlation function for analysing the spatial distribution of canopy gaps. Forest Ecology and Management 259(1): 107-116.
Nothdurft, A.; Saborowski, J.; Breidenbach, J. (2009). Spatial prediction of forest stand variables. European Journal of Forest Research 128(3): 241-251.
Cancino, J., Saborowski, J. (2005). Comparison of randomized branch sampling with and without replacement at the first stage. Silva Fennica 39(2): 1-16.

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Joachim Saborowski teaches the following courses:
Scientific Methods and Project Design