Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Winfried Kurth

Winfried Kurth is the head of the section Ecoinformatics, Biometrics and Forest Growth at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, and teaches also computer graphics and image analysis at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. He works on the development of tools for modelling, simulation and visualization in the life sciences, and particularly on mathematical models representing the 3-dimensional structure of plants. He has studied mathematics and theoretical computer science and teaches also basic courses on mathematics and information processing.

Key expertise:
• Programming languages for model specification
• Functional-structural plant modelling (FSPM)
• Connection of molecular, physiological and morphological processes in models of plant
growth and development
• Computer graphics
• Visualization

Selected publications:
Kurth, W., Dirk Lanwert, D. (2011). Grammar-based models and fractals. In: Fred Jopp, Hauke Reuter, Broder Breckling (eds.), Modelling Complex Ecological Dynamics. Springer, Heidelberg etc., ISBN: 978-3-642-05028-2, doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-05029-9 (to appear 2011).
Hemmerling, R., Smolenová, K., Kurth, W. (2010). A programming language tailored to the specification and solution of differential equations describing processes on networks. In: Adrian-Horia Dediu, Henning Fernau, Carlos Martín-Vide (eds.), Language and Automata Theory and Applications. 4th International Conference, LATA 2010, Trier, May 24-28, 2010, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6031, Springer, Berlin etc. 2010, 297-308.
Hemmerling, R., Kniemeyer, O., Lanwert, D., Kurth, W., Buck-Sorlin, G. (2008). The rule-based language XL and the modelling environment GroIMP illustrated with simulated tree competition. Functional Plant Biology 35: 739-750.
Buck-Sorlin, G., Hemmerling, R., Kniemeyer, O., Burema, B., Kurth, W. (2008). A rule-based model of barley morphogenesis, with special respect to shading and Gibberellic acid signal transduction. Annals of Botany 101(8): 1109-1123.
Kurth, W. (2007). Specification of morphological models with L-systems and Relational Growth Grammars. Image – Journal of Interdisciplinary Image Science, Vol. 5 / Special Issue.

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Winfried Kurth teaches the following courses:
Computer Science and Mathematics