Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Max Krott

Max Krott is the head of the section Forest and Nature Conservation Policy, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. His main interests are in the fields of (I) National and International Forest Policy, (II) National and International Nature Conservation Policy, and (III) Policy of Science and Knowledge Transfer
Key expertise:
• analytical forest policy analysis with the focus on policy instruments, public administration, media discourse, forest development policy, community forestry and international forest regimes.

• analytical policy research in nature conservation: government and governance for nature conservation especially Biodiversity in Germany.

• management and evaluation of interdisciplinary research programs and institutions. Knowledge transfer analysis on the science /policy interface in environmental issues.

Selected publications:
Krott, M. 2010. Value and Risks of the Use of Analytical Theory in Science for Forest Policy. In: Forest Policy & Economics, in Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 16 March 2010, DOI: 10.1016/j.forpol.2009.12.004.

Kleinschmit D, Krott M (2008) The Media in Forestry: Government, Governance and Social Visibility. In: Sikor T (Hg.) Public and Private in Natural Resource Governance. A False Dichotomy? Earthscan publishing, London, 127-141.
Krott M (2008) Forest Government and Forest Governance within a Europe in Change. In: Cesaro L, Gatto P, Pettenella D / European Forest Institute (Hg.) The multifunctional Role of Forests - Policies, Methods and Case Studies. Gummerus Printing, Saarijärvi, 13-25.
Krott M (2008) Evaluation of Transdisciplinary Research. In: Hirsch Hadorn G (ed.) Unity of Knowledge (in Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainability. Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, Volume 2, UNESCO/Eolss Publishers, Oxford, 131-145.
Krott, M. (2005) Forest Policy Analysis. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht.

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Max Krott teaches the following courses:
Policy of ecosystems (The Science-Policy Interface: Society and Research Structures together with M. Böcher, R. Finkeldey and W. Hiltscher)