Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Ludger Leinemann

Ludger Leinemann is a lecturer at the section Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. His main interests are in the fields of genetic and adaptive patterns of diversity in forest trees and the application of genetic tools in the production, conservation and quality management of plant reproductive material.

Key expertise:
• Population Genetics and Ecological Genetics of Forest Trees
• Management of Genetic Resources in Temperate Forests

Selected publications:
Leinemann L., Kahlert K., Arenhövel W., Voth W. and B. Hosius. (2010). Insights into genetic variation patterns in the genus Sorbus in Thuringia. Allgemeine Forst- und Jagdzeitung. 9/10, 169- 174

Finkeldey, R., Leinemann, L., Gailing, O. (2010). Molecular genetic tools to infer the origin of forest plants and wood. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 85: 1251-1258
Gailing, O., Vornam, B., Leinemann, L., Finkeldey, R. (2009) Genetic and genomic approaches to assess adaptive genetic variation in plants: forest trees as a model. Physiologia Plantarum 137: 509-519
Kleinschmit, J., Leinemann, L. and B. Hosius. (2008). Gene Conservation Through Seed Orchards – A Case Study of prunus spinosa L. In Seed Orchard Conference, ed. Dag Lindgren, Umea, Sweden. pp. 115-126.
Hosius, B., Leinemann, L., Konnert, M. and F. Bergmann. (2006). Genetic aspects of forestry in the Central Europe. Eur. J. Forest. Res. 125: 407–417

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Ludger Leinemann teaches the following courses:
Conservation of biodiversity