Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Katrin Meyer

Katrin Meyer is the deputy head of the section Ecosystem Modelling, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. Her main interests are in the fields of (i) terrestrial ecology, (ii) individual-based modelling, and (iii) spatial ecology.

Key expertise:
• Scaling-up from individuals to ecosystems
• Bacterial interactions on leaf surfaces
• Above-belowground multitrophic interactions
• Savanna dynamics modelling
• Population viability analysis
• Combining empirical and modelling approaches

Selected publications:
Meyer, K.M., Jopp, F., Münkemüller, T., Reuter, H. & Schiffers, K. 2010: Crossing scales in ecology. Special Feature Basic and Applied Ecology, 11, 561-562.

Meyer, K.M., Wiegand, K. & Ward, D. 2010: Spatially explicit modelling of savanna processes. In: Hill, M.J. & Hanan, M.P. (eds) Ecosystem Function in Savannas: Measurement and Modeling at Landscape to Global Scales. Taylor & Francis.

Meyer, K.M., Vos, M., Mooij, W.M., Hol, W.H.G., Termorshuizen, A.J., Vet, L.E.M. & van der Putten, W.H. 2009a: Quantifying the impact of above- and belowground higher trophic levels on plant and herbivore performance by modeling. Oikos 118, 981-990.

Meyer, K.M., Wiegand, K., Ward, D. & Moustakas, A. 2007: The rhythm of savanna patch dynamics. Journal of Ecology 95, 1306-1315.

Meyer, K.M., Gimpel, K. & Brandl, R. 2007: Viability analysis of endangered crayfish populations. Journal of Zoology 273, 364-371.

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Katrin Meyer teaches the following courses:
Ecological Modelling (together with Kerstin Wiegand)