Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Yakov Kuzyakov

Yakov Kuzyakov is the head of the Department of Soil Science of Temperate and Boreal Ecosystems, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology.
His main interests are in the fields of (I) soil biogeochemistry, (II) C and N turnover in the rhizosphere, and (III) application of isotopes in ecosystem sciences.

Key expertise:
• Rhizodeposition and Belowground Carbon Input by Plants
• Carbon Sequestration and Soil Organic Matter Turnover
• Microbial Activity in Hotspots in Soil and Priming Effects
• Sources of CO2 Efflux from Soil and CO2 Partitioning
• Effects of Global Change on Belowground Processes

Selected publications:
Kuzyakov Y. 2010. Priming effects: interactions between living and dead organic matter. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42: 1363-1371.
Werth M., Kuzyakov Y. 2010. 13C fractionation at the root–microorganisms–soil interface: a review and outlook for partitioning studies. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42: 1372-1384.
Kuzyakov Y., Gavrichkova O. 2010. Time lag between photosynthesis and carbon dioxide efflux from soil: a review of mechanisms and controls. Global Change Biology 16: 3386-3406.
Blagodatskaya E., Blagodatsky S., Dorodnikov M., Kuzyakov Y. 2010. Elevated atmospheric CO2 increases microbial growth rates in soil: results of three CO2 enrichment experiments. Global Change Biology 16: 836–848.
Fischer H., Kuzyakov Y. 2010. Sorption, microbial uptake and decomposition of acetate in soil: Transformations revealed by position-specific 14C labeling. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42: 186–192.

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Yakov Kuzyakov teaches the following courses:
Basics of Soil Biochemistry (Biotic and abiotic interactions with R. Finkeldey)
Isotopes in Ecosystem Sciences
Laboratory techniques