Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Marife D. Corre

Marife D. Corre is a scientific staff of the section Ecopedology of the Tropics and Subtropics, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. Her main interests are how global change processes (e.g. increased nitrogen deposition, land-use change, changes in rainfall levels) impact soil carbon and nitrogen cycling, net primary production, leaching losses, and biogenic trace gas fluxes.

Key expertise:
• Landscape-scale assessment of soil nutrient stocks, greenhouse gas fluxes, crop yield and its associated trade-offs of environmental effects
• Applications of stable isotopes for quantifying carbon and nitrogen fluxes among soil, plant, water and air
• Soil productivity recovery of degraded lands

Selected publications:
Corre, M. D., E. Veldkamp, J. Arnold, and S. J. Wright. 2010. Impact of elevated N input on soil N cycling and losses in lowland and montane forests in Panama. Ecology 91: 1715-1729.
Adamek, M., M. D. Corre, and D. Hölscher. 2009. Early effect of elevated nitrogen input on above-ground net primary production of a lower montane rain forest, Panama. Journal of Tropical Ecology 25: 637–647.
Koehler, B., M. D. Corre, E. Veldkamp, H. Wullaert, and S. J. Wright. 2009. Immediate and long-term nitrogen oxide emissions from tropical forest soils exposed to elevated nitrogen input. Global Change Biology 15: 2049–2066.
Corre, M. D., R. Brumme, E. Veldkamp, and F. O. Beese. 2007. Changes in nitrogen cycling and retention processes in soils under spruce forests along a nitrogen enrichment gradient in Germany. Global Change Biology 13: 1509-1527.
Pennock, D. J., and M. D. Corre. 2001. Development and application of landform segmentation procedures. Journal of Soil and Tillage Research 58: 151-162.
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Marife D. Corre co-teaches the following courses:
Terrestrial Biogeochemistry (together with E. Veldkamp)
Global Change (together with E. Veldkamp and A. Knohl)