Professur für Entwicklungsökonomik

Dr. Ramona Rischke

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Georg-August-University Göttingen
as a member of the Research Training Group "GlobalFood"

Member of The Refugee Research Network

Research Interests

Poverty and welfare analysis, in particular:
Policy impact analysis
International migration
Food Security


  • Minos D., Butzlaff, I., Demmler, K.M. and R. Rischke (2016) Economic Growth, Climate Change, and Obesity, Current Obesity Reports , DOI 10.1007/s13679-016-0234-7, pp. 1-8.

  • Hoy, C., Klasen, S., Samman, E., Darmawan, R., Lo Bue M. C., Rischke, R. & L. Rodríguez-Tekeuchi (2016): Middle-income transition and inequality - is there a link? Overseas Development Institute Dimension Paper 05, March 2016
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  • Rischke, R., Kimenju, S. C., S. Klasen & M. Qaim (2015): Supermarkets and the Nutrition Transition in Kenya, Food Policy, 52: pp. 9-21.

  • Kimenju, S. C., Rischke, R., Klasen, S. & M. Qaim (2015): Does supermarkets contribute to the obesity pandemic in developing countries? Evidence from Kenya, Public Health Nutrition, 18(17): pp. 3224-3233.

  • Harttgen, K., Klasen, S. & R. Rischke (2015): Analyzing Nutritional Impacts of Price and Income Related Shocks in Malawi: Simulating Household Entitlements to Food, Food Policy, doi:10.1016/j.foodpol.2015.03.007.

  • Rischke, R. (2015): Predicting Welfare Effects of Food Price Shocks. A Comparative Analysis, GlobalFood Discussion Paper Series No. 66.
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  • Qaim, M., Andersson, C. I. M. , Chege, C. G. K. , Kimenju, S. C. , Klasen, S. & R. Rischke (2014): Nutrition Effects of the Supermarket Revolution on Urban Consumers and Smallholder Farmers in Kenya, GlobalFood Discussion Paper Series No. 40.
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  • Rischke, R., Kimenju, S.C., Qaim, M. & S. Klasen (2014): Supermarkets and the Nutrition Transition in Kenya. GlobalFood Discussion Papers, No.29.
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    CV upon request