Data Security in Cloud Computing

Semester:Winter 2012/13
Lecturer:Dr. Lena Wiese
Course type:Seminar
ECTS (SWS):2.00
Date:Lecture: Di. 30.10.2012 13-14
Lecture: Mi. 06.03.2013 9-18
Exam: Do. 17.01.2013
Location:Informatik 1.101
Start:Lecture: 10.04.2013
Exercise: 19.04.2013
AudienceApplied Computer Science MSc
Applied Computer Science BSc


Outsourcing data into the cloud promises several advantages like reduced costs of hardware and maintenance, scalability and flexibility and accessibility from virtually everywhere. Security of data however is still a major open issue, in particular, when looking at data confidentiality and privacy. These concerns are an obstacle for a wide-spread use of cloud computing for example for companies (who might want to outsource business-critical data) or patients (who might want to use electronic health records). This course discusses several theoretical approaches to achieve data confidentiality and privacy for data outsourcing.