Research Topics for Master Theses or Projects

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Intelligent Database Systems and Informative Database Answers
Databases return only exactly matching answers to a query. If not matching answer can be found, the database answer is empty. It may however be the case that relevant answers are contained in the database that are similar to the user's query intention. These informative answers should now be automatically found by the database system. In the scope of this thesis several topics of intelligent query answering can be covered like for example, ranking of informative answers.
Biomedical Data Analytics
Future eHealth services as well as biomedical analyses require advanced analytics technology in order to turn medical data into sophisticated knowledge – in particular to enable personalized medicine or genomic breeding. Due to the ongoing digital transformation in the health area, large bodies of biomedical data can nowadays be explored but this requires the support of novel, highly efficient data management and data analysis platforms. Several topics are available in the area of biomedical data analysis (by employing clustering, graph analysis, neural networks etc.).
Advanced Encryption
Outsourcing data to cloud providers is becoming more and more common. While this offers great advantages in terms of maintenance cost, the confidentiality of the data is in peril. One solution to this problem is the use of encryption. While standard symmetric encryption algorithms like e.g. AES offer good security by encrypting all records, the cloud data store loses any search functionality and degrades to just a bunch of encrypted files. However, among the desirable functionality of a data store is the ability to efficiently perform full-text search, sorting or calculations. By allowing a small information leakage to the server, advanced encryption schemes allow to efficiently search, sort or compute on encrypted data.