Seminar Intelligent Information Systems

Semester:Winter 2013/14
Lecturer:Dr. Lena Wiese
Course type:Seminar
Date:First Meeting: 24.10.2013, 10:00, room 1.101
Presentations: 12.2.2014, 9:30-16:00, room: 3.101
AudienceApplied Computer Science MSc
Applied Computer Science BSc


Submission of title page:14.11.2013
Submission of glossary:28.11.2013
Submission of essay (first version):16.1.2014
Submission of presentation (first version):16.1.2014
Registration in FlexNow:23.1.2014
Block seminar (live presentations):12.2.2014(presence in Göttingen required!)
Submission of essay (final version):18.2.2014
Submission of presentation (final version):18.2.2014


Intelligent Information Systems cover recommendation systems, decision making systems, case-based reasoning systems, multi-agent systems, information retrieval and much more. In this seminar we discuss selected topics on information systems that intelligently assist users in managing and retrieving data.


Preparation of a presentation (duration 35 minutes) and an essay (length 20 pages) on a topic chosen in the first meeting.

List of topics

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