Professur für Entwicklungsökonomik

Manuel Santos Silva

  • Gender and Governance Link (GGL)
    PIs: Stephan Klasen, Christian Welzel (Uni Lüneburg), Amy Alexander (Uni Gothenburg).
    Funder: Niedersächsisches Ministeriuim für Wissenschaft und Kultur.
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  • Growth and Women: Pathways for Shared Prosperity (GrOW)
    Collaboration: University of Göttingen, Germany; Delhi School of Economics, India; Stellenbosch University, South Africa; University of Cape Town, South Africa; Wageningen University, Netherlands.
    Funders: DFID, Hewlett Foundation, IDRC.
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  • Impact evaluation of a new general hospital in Managua, Nicaragua
    Collaboration: University of Göttingen, Germany; Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands.
    Funder: ORIO (The Facility for Infrastructure Development) commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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  • Höckel, L., M. Santos Silva und T. Stöhr (2018), Can Parental Migration Reduce Petty Corruption in Education?, World Bank Economic Review, Vol. 32 (1), 109-126. [link] [working paper version]

    Working Papers

  • Klasen, S., M. Santos Silva (2018) Gender Inequality as a Barrier to Economic Growth: a Review of the Theoretical Literature, Courant Research Centre ‘Poverty, Equity and Growth’, Discussion Paper No. 252.
  • Klasen, S., J. Pieters, M. Santos Silva, L. Tu (2018) What Drives Female Labor Force Participation? Comparable Micro-level Evidence from Eight Developing and Emerging Economies, Courant Research Centre ‘Poverty, Equity and Growth’, Discussion Paper No. 253.
  • Santos Silva, M., A. Alexander, S. Klasen and C. Welzel (2017) The Roots of Female Emancipation: From Perennial Cool Water via Pre-Industrial Late Marriages to Post-Industrial Gender Equality, Courant Research Centre ‘Poverty, Equity and Growth’, Discussion Paper No. 241.
  • Höckel, L., Santos Silva, M., Stöhr, T. (2016) Can parental migration reduce petty corruption in education?, IZA Discussion Paper No. 9687.

    Teaching (as TA)
  • Panel Data Econometrics: Summer 2017, 2018
  • Advanced Microeconomics: Winter 2015, 2016.
  • European Economy: Summer 2016
  • Development Economics III: Winter 2016
  • Development Economics I: Winter 2015, 2017
  • Econometrics II: Summer 2014
  • Econometrics I: Winter 2013