Professur für Entwicklungsökonomik

Development Economics Seminar 2017/18

In the Winter Semester 2017/18 the seminar will start at 14:00, sharp, unless otherwise indicated

Date                 Room

09.04.2018       Oec. 0.167
Manuel Santos Silva
(Uni Göttingen)
What drives female labor force participation? Comparable micro-level evidence from eight developing and emerging economies

16.04.2018       Oec. 0.167
Miriam Romero
(Uni Goettingen)
Local spatial determinants for productivity in oil palm

23.04.2018       Oec. 0.167     
GLAD Senior's Presentation: 
Dany Jaimovich
(Uni Frankfurt)

Community-driven deforestation? Experimental evidence from a rural development program in West Africa

30.04.2018       Oec. 0.167

07.05.2018       Oec. 0.167
Viacheslav Yakubenko
(Uni Goettingen)

Simone Schotte
(Uni Goettingen/GIGA)

Giants and Midgets: exploring the link between public funds distribution and urban primacy

A Structural Approach to Modelling Employment Transitions in South Africa

14.05.2018       Oec. 0.167Katharina Lehmann
(DIW Berlin)

When shocks become persistent: Asset dynamics in the presence of extreme weather events

22.05.2018       Oec. 0.167
 Admasu Shiferaw 
Multiproduct Firms in Low-­Income Countries: Evidence from Ethiopian Manufacturing
28.05.2018       Oec. 0.167
Glad Senior's presentation:
Gautam Gupta
(Jadavpur University)

Community Action and Trust: Experiments on Generation of Common Pool Resources

04.06.2018      Oec. 0.167GLAD Senior's presentation:
Patricia Justino
(IDS/University of Sussex)

On the Legacy of Wartime Governance

11.06.2018      Oec. 0.167
Cara Ebert
(Uni Göttingen)
Picture Books and Iron Ingots for Early Childhood Development: A randomized controlled trial in Bihar, India

18.06.2018      Oec. 0.167
Tu Ngoc Le
(Uni Göttingen)

Flood impacts on Agriculture production in Southeast Asia

25.06.2018      Oec 0.167

GLAD Senior's presentation:
Catia Batista
(Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

02.07.2018      Oec. 0.167

03.07.2018  TBA

09.07.2018     Oec. 0.167

16.07.2018     Oec. 0.167

23.07.2018     Oec. 0.167

30.07.2018     Oec. 0.167
GLAD Senior's presentation:
Toman Barsbai (Kiel Institute
 of World Economy)

Soham Sahoo (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)

GLAD Senior's presentation:
Rajesh Ramachandran
(University of Frankfurt)

Friederike Lenel
(Uni Goettingen)

GLAD Senior`s presentation: Britta Augsburg (IFS London)

GLAD Senior's presentation: Isabel Günther (ETH Zürich)
The geographical origins of human preferences: Evidence from animal behavior