WiSe17: Lecture Intelligent Data Management

Semester:Winter 2017/18
Lecturer:Dr. Lena Wiese
Course type:Lecture
ECTS (SWS):5.00 (3.00)
Date:Lecture: Thu. 12:15-13:45
Exercises: 10:00 (group 1) and 10:45 (group 2)

Location:Informatik -1.101
Start:Lecture: 17.10.2017
AudienceApplied Computer Science MSc
Applied Computer Science BSc

The students learn key concepts of obtaining information from complex data; the students gain knowledge about the specification and complexity of intelligent algorithms that process and analyze such data. Topics covered in the lecture are recommendation systems, clustering, distance measures, and dimensionality reduction.

Active participation during the exercises and regular submission of solutions is required.
Every participant has to register in the studIP system and be present at the oral examination.

Individual oral tests (in English or German)
Time slots: end of the semester