Göttingen Campus Postdoc Network

Founded in 2017, the Göttingen Campus Postdoc Network connects Postdocs across all institutions and disciplines of the Göttingen Campus (GC). The main goals of the GC Postdoc Network are to improve the Postdoc (defined as doctorate holders who conduct research with a time-limited contract) experience at the Göttingen Campus, and to ensure that the Postdoc community is valued, understood and heard. Thanks to this network, Postdocs can easily exchange information and views, develop their ideas and represent their interests more strongly. A small group of postdoc volunteers forms the GC Postdoc Committee. Their activities include identifying relevant issues in the Postdoc community, looking for solutions and channeling these to the relevant authorities, providing appropriate advice and information to the community through the website and a monthly newsletter and organizing events. The committee also champions equality, diversity and interdisciplinarity at every opportunity. Although the GC Postdoc Network is set up to serve the needs of Postdocs, it welcomes late stage doctoral students, science management and other early career researchers, including visitors, who would benefit from the support of the network. If you identify as a GC Postdoc, then you are part of the community! Simply sign up here on the GC Postdoc Portal. For more information come and meet us at our stall! 

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