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  • 1. Climate Change, Development, and Justice: Options for De-Carbonization of Development Paths.

  • Joint research with Potsdam Institute for Climate Change Research Research and GIGA.

    Project Leaders: Prof. Dr. O. Edenhofer (PIK), Jann Lay (GIGA Hamburg) and Stephan Klasen

    Funder: German Ministry of Science and Technology (BMBF)

    Period: 2010-2013

    Researchers: Inmaculada Martinez- Zarzoso, Nicole Grunewald, Stephan Klasen, Iqbal Irfany, Moises Serino

  • 2. Aid Effectiveness from a Donor and from a Recipient Perspective.

  • Joint research project with Axel Dreher (Heidelberg), Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann, Inmaculada Martinez Zarzoso and Stephan Klasen (all DERG)

    Funder: Germany Research Foundation (DFG)

    Period: 2011-2014

    Researchers: Inmaculada Martinez- Zarzoso, Stephan Klasen, Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann, Florian Johannsen

  • 3. Long-term land use, poverty dynamics and emission trade-offs in Indonesia.

  • Part of Collaborative Research Centre 990: Ecological and Socioeconomic Functions of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems (Sumatra, Indonesia)

    Funder: Germany Research Foundation (DFG)

    Period: 2012-2015

    Researchers: Rivayani Darmawan, Katharina Trapp, Iqbal Irfany, Stephan Klasen, Dewi Nur Asih


  • 4. Interdependencies of Poverty Dimensions: Implications for Fighting Poverty, Development Cooperation and the MDGs Today and After 2015

  • Funder: German Development Bank

    Period: 2010-2013

    Researchers: Marica LoBue, Simon Lange, Stephan Klasen

  • 5. Modeling of Empirical Welfare Distributions

  • Joint project with Hajo Holzmann (Uni Marburg), Sebastian Vollmer, and Stephan Klasen.

    Funder: German Research Foundation

    Period: 2011-2013

    Researchers: Stephan Klasen, Carlos Villalobos

  • 6. Impact of Shocks on the Vulnerability to Poverty in Thailand and Vietnam

  • DFG Research Group 754 (with University of Hannover, Gießen and Frankfurt)

    Funder: German Research Foundation

    Period: 2007-2013

    Researchers: Steffen Lohman, Van Tran Quan, Stephan Klasen


  • 7. Globalization and Development at the Micro Level, DFG Research Training Group 1723, joint with University of Hannover

  • Funder: German Research Foundation

    Period: 2012-2016

    Researchers: Steffen Lohmann, Anna Minasyan, Nathalie Scholl, Sophia Kan, Merle Kreibaum, Bumi Camara, Atika Pasha


  • 8. The Global Transformation of Agri-Food Systems (Global Food), DFG Research Training Group 1666

  • Funder: German Research Foundation

    Period: 2011-2015

    Researchers: Debosree Banerjee, Ramona Rischke, Iris Butzlaff


  • 9. Support for Coordinating Lead Authors in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

  • Funder: German Ministry of Science and Technology (BMBF)

    Period: 2011-2014

    Researchers: Nicole Grunewald, Iris Butzlaff

  • 10. Alternative Poverty Measures

  • Joint project with the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative

    Funder: German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development

    Period: 2011-2014

    Researchers: Stephan Klasen, Caroline Dotter, Simon Lange, Atika Pasha

    Universität Göttingen