Professur für Entwicklungsökonomik

Development Economics Seminar 2017/18

In the Winter Semester 2017/18 the seminar will start at 14:00, sharp, unless otherwise indicated

Date                 Room

17.10.17            Oec. 0.211
Tahir Mahmood
(Uni Göttingen)
What determines food insecurity in Pakistan? New evidence from Pakistan Panel Household survey (PPHS) 2010 using Food and Agriculture Organization’s Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES)

24.10.17            Oec 0.211
Lennart Kaplan
(Uni Göttingen &
and Jana Kuhnt
(Uni Göttingen)
Evaluating the Impact of the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist in Pakistan and Indonesia – evidence from two randomized controlled trials


07.11.17            Oec. 0.167
Prof. Dr. Sophie
van Huellen
(SOAS London)

Algorithmic Modelling of Financial Conditions for Macro Predictive Purposes
14.11.17            VG 1.108Dr. Karlijn Morsink
(Oxford University)

The Power to Protect: Household Bargaining and Female Condom Use
*Note: The lecture starts at 12:00 sharp

28.11.17            Oec. 0.167
Viacheslav Yakubenko
(Uni Göttingen)
Burnt by the sun. Explaining suicide in developing countries

05.12.17            Oec. 0.167Dr. Gunther Bensch
One-off subsidies and long-run adoption: experimental evidence on improved cooking stoves in Senegal

12.12.17            Oec. 0.167
Tharcisio Leone
 (Freie Uni Berlin)
The gender gap in intergenerational mobility: Evidence of educational persistence in Brazil

09.01.18            Oec. 0.167
Feicheng Wang
(Uni Göttingen)

Labour Market Reform, Firm-level Employment Adjustment and Trade Liberalisation

16.01.18           Oec 0.167
Getachew Y. Belete
(Uni Verona)

Children`s Resources and Welfare in Two-parent and Single-parent Households: A Collective Consumption Evidence from Ethiopia

23.01.18            Oec 0.167

30.01.18            Oec 0.167
Tabea Lakemann
(GIGA / Uni Göttingen)

Friederike Lenel
(Uni Göttingen)

Pattern analysis of loan repayment behavior