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Göttingen Conference on Labour Standards in International Economic Law

The ever-intensifying globalization and interdependence of the economy, framed by the rapid evolution of international economic law, brings about new challenges for the protection and promotion of labour standards. Despite many efforts, a coherent and satisfying multilateral solution for globalization-related aspects of labour standards is far from being put to practice. At the same time, labour standards play an increasing role in regional trade agreements, unilateral preference schemes, international investment agreements and in a range of non-state initiatives, such as codes of conduct of multinational enterprises, international framework agreements and the work of NGOs. The ILO, for its part, has strived to adapt its work and engage in formulating responses to the challenges of globalization. The plenitude of different (and sometimes conflicting) approaches shapes a multilevel and multipolar status quo, the structure and potential of which is largely yet to be discerned.

On 1-2 October 2015, the Institute for International Law and European Law (Department for International Economic Law and Environmental Law) will be convening an international conference, inviting academics and practitioners from around the world to engage in discussions on some of the most pressing issues at the tangent of international economic law and international labour standards.

The Institute cordially invites interested persons and organisations to come to Göttingen and to participate in the discussion.

Date: 1-2 October, 2015.

Venue: Göttingen, Georg-August-University.

Language The conference language will be English.

Registration:  Registrations are welcome until September 10, 2015.


Fee:  EUR 50.00 - speakers, chairs and students excluded.

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