Forschungszentrum ´´Armut, Ungleichheit und Wachstum in Entwicklungsländern´´

Neue CRC Discussion Paper online

In der Discussion Paper Reihe des Courant Forschungszentrums "Armut, Ungleichheit und Wachstum in Entwicklungsländern" sind folgende neue Paper erschienen:

No. 249: Khan, Klasen (2018)
Female employment and Spousal abuse: A parallel cross-country analysis of developing countries
No. 248: Sahoo, Klasen (2018)
Gender Segregation in Education and Its Implications for Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence from India
No. 247: Krämer, Kumar, Vollmer (2018)
Improving Children Health and Cognition: Evidence from School-Based Nutrition Intervention in India

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