RTG 1723 - Globalization and Development

Sebastian Schneider

  • M. Sc. Mathematics in Business and Economics
  • PhD Candidate in Economics at University of Goettingen
  • Supervisor: Prof. Marcela Ibanez, PhD


Research Centre "Poverty, Equity and Growth in Developing Countries"
Georg-August-University Göttingen
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 5

37073 Göttingen Room 8.132, "Blauer Turm" (Mehrzweckgebäude)
Phone: +49 551 39-21663
E-Mail: sebastian.schneider@zentr.uni-goettingen.de

Research interests

  • Development Economics
  • Behavioral Economics, especially Risk and Time Preferences
  • Stochastics and statistics of experiments
  • Microfinance


  • Treatment Assignment for One and Multiple Treatment Groups (with M. Schlather); Couant Research Centre Discussion, Paper No. 228
  • Unemployment, Precautionary Savings, and Loss Aversion: An Empirical Test (with M. Ibanez)
  • Loss Aversion and the Poor. An Analysis from Bogotá (with M. Ibanez)
  • A New Elicitation Method fo Higher Order Risk Preferences With an Application To Savings in Bogotá (with M. Ibanez and G. Riener)
  • Getting Gatekeepers Involved: On Attention Creation, Participation Bias and Treatment Randomization in Educational Field Experiments (with G. Riener and V. Wagner)
  • Experimental Methods to Elicit Prudence and Temperance (with G. Riener)
  • Anti-Social Behavior and the Evolution of Pro-Social Prefences of Vanilla Farmers in Madagascar (with M. Ibanez and V. Uruena)


  • Software for Treatment Assignment for One And Multiple Treatment Groups [Stata ado-package, available upon request, please contact me]


  • ESA North American meeting 2017, Economic Science Association, Richmond (VA) - USA (2017)
  • ESA European meeting 2017, Economic Science Association, Vienna - Austria (2017)
  • Ph.D. Colloquium, German Economic Association, Research Group on Development Economics, Hanover - Germany (2017)
  • German Economic Association (Verein fuer Sozialpolitik), Annual International Conference, Vienna - Austria (2017)
  • Development Economics and Policy Conference of the Research Group on Development Economics, German Economic Association, Goettingen - Germany (2017)
  • Behavioural Finance Working Group Conference, London - UK (2016)
  • Seedec (Symposium on Economic Experiments in Developing Countries), Nairobi - Kenya (2016)
  • Ph.D. Colloquium, German Economic Association, Research Group on Development Economics, Freiburg - Germany (2016)
  • ESA European meeting 2016, Economic Science Association and The Choice Lab at NHH, Bergen - Norway (2016)


  • Lecture and practice session on Maximum-Likelihood-Estimation for Risk and Time Preferences within the course "Behavioral Development Economics" by Prof. Ibanez, SoSe 2016 and 2017


E-Mail sebastian.schneider@zentr.uni-goettingen.de
Tel +49 551 39-21663