PhD Studiengang Wood Biology and Wood Technology

WS 2016/2017

Date Topic Supervisor
April 5th Prof. Xinwen Peng: "Development of High Energy-storage Polyimide Complexes for Polymer Film Capacitor"
Peiwen Liu: "Aerating ammonia gas: Formation of uniform multi-stimuli responsive and multi-block hydrogels"
May 3rd Yonggui Wang: "Superhydrophobic surfaces: Inspirations from plant surfaces"
May 17th Andrea Hopf-Biziks: "Long-term survival and non-vector spread of the pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, via wood chips"
June 14th, 9.30 Prof. Dr. Thomas Heinze: "New products from polysaccharides - simple chemistry with great effect."
June 28th Sebastian Herzog: "Production of MDF using new Urea-Formaldehyde-Silane Binder Systems"