Erasmus Mundus MA Euroculture:
Society, politics and culture in a global context

Euroculturer - the first Euroculture magazine

We are happy to announce the launch of the Euroculture online magazine, The Euroculturer, run by students and staff of MA Euroculture programme. The first edition is now available online with the first round of articles which will be followed by the second round of articles on 1st of November to make the magazine constantly alive.The Euroculturer was established in June 2012 by an initiative of a current Euroculture student with three founding vision, to contribute, to connect, and to grow. Targeted readers and contributors are those from 12 Euroculture partner universities throughout the world. The Euroculture consortium is involved in that it officially acknowledges the magazine and supports it with yearly funding for web maintenance.

Don’t be shy, reach out. The stage is yours
We are looking for contributors to write for the magazine. Anybody who studied Euroculture more than a semester since 1999 is eligible as a contributing writer. If you are interested, please check out ‘Contribute’ section on our website and contact us.

Let’s write for Euroculture and fellow Euroculturers
We all know that writing is such a powerful tool to move people, preserve information, and reflect on oneself. What if we can also benefit our own community with it? Wouldn’t it be even better?

You future journalist, we support you
If you are interested in journalism, The Euroculturer is the right place for you to practice your writing skills and building a readership. Talk to us, we fully support you and we meant, FULLY. It doesn’t matter when you graduated.

Don't forget Euroculture and be our active readers
It's another way of contributing. Thank you dear readers =)
We also have a Facebook webpage so by liking us, The Euroculturer Magazine, you won’t miss any new article uploaded. We, current Euroculturers, sincerely hope to have you (back) soon in one way or another!

Warmest regards,
The Euroculturer Team