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Tuition fees

  • How much are the tuition fees at Georg-August-Universität for each semester?
    The enrollment fees for students of Goettingen University for summer semester 2017 are as follows:

  • Administration Expense: 75,00 Euro
  • Collegiate Expense: 168 Euro 85 Cent
  • Student Union Expense: 77,00 Euro
  • Total: 320 Euro 85 Cent

  • Internship-Semester and Master Thesis
    Each semester, M.I.N.C.-students spend abroad for their master, they only pay the administration expense at Goettingen University of 75 €.

    Students have to pay at least the administration fee each semester, that is twice a year. The program contains 4 semester, that means fees have to be paid at least 4 times.

    Lincoln University
    M.I.N.C.-Students from Goettingen University pay the administration fees at Goettingen University. At Lincoln University they also pay an administration fee of about 700 NZ$ (approx. 450 €) Euro in addition to the full tuition fees for one study semester of about 9000 NZ$ (approx. 5500 €).
    Note that you also need extra money for traveling to and from New Zealand (a flight from Europe is minimum 1000 Euro). And if you do your internship abroad, you also need money for traveling and your stay there. Semester Fees

    Further costs that have to be expected for this programme:

    • Flight expenses to and from New Zealand
    • Administration fees at Lincoln University
    • Insurance costs
    • Living expenses
    • travel expenses for your internship semester and your master thesis.

  • How much is the living in Göttingen?
    It depends of course on your standard. The average student needs about 500-600 Euros per month for rent, health insurance, food clothes etc. If you stay at a students residence, you pay about 150 - 250 Euros rent each month, which is a very reasonable price.
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    Lincoln Semester

    Internship/ practical semester

    Master thesis

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