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The International Office

Patrick Lajoie
International Network
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37075 Göttingen
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International Certificate: Mobility

German students who have lived abroad to study or work usually come back with a new and more understanding attitude towards foreigners in Germany. Because they usually have a higher tolerance towards different behaviours, have had their own experiences abroad and have gone through the experience of being a foreigner themselves, these students play a key role in the integration of foreign students in Germany.

The certificate consists of the following compulsory components and can be completed over a period of any number of semesters within the period of study:

Compulsory components:

  • i2MoVe Module 1 consisting of a two-day intercultural training, a minimum 12-week study-related stay abroad with the preparation of a portfolio, as well as participation in a evaluation colloquium on the reintegration evaluation and reflection on the stay abroad. Six credits in the field of core competencies for the module can be earned for successful participation.


  • ZESS course on intercultural communication competency (i2MoVe Module 2)

  • 2-day intercultural training

  • Minimum 12-week study-related stay abroad (stay abroad for the purpose of studies, internship or research)

In addition to the compulsory component, 18 internationalisation points (IP) must be accumulated in the elective-compulsory area.