Institute Library

The Iranian Studies library is part of the KWZ Library. Together with the holdings of the SUB, it offers a wide selection of literature on the Persian language and culture area. Besides the very good inventory of works on pre-Islamic Iran and on Iranian philology in general, it has an extensive collection of modern Persian primary sources, particularly relating to contemporary mysticism, historiography and prose, as well as literature on the history of Iran and the regions connected with it in terms of cultural history.

Other libraries like the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB), the Economics and Social Sciences Divisional Library and the Library of the Associated Theological Seminars are very close nearby. Further specialist literature can also be easily accessed via the connection to the network of regional libraries.

In addition, the Institute of Iranian Studies possesses a large collection of Persian-language films from the time after 1357/1979 The majority of the older films, in particular, are VCDs, but the more recent ones are available as DVDs. They are kept as a reference collection at the Institute and may be used for teaching and research purposes. If you are interested, please contact Frau Schlagenhoff. When doing a search in OPAC please take care to transliterate names and titles correctly to find the entries (transcription system of online catalogues at academic libraries in Germany). You will find a complete list of all Persian-language films by entering the following search term in OPAC: "mat v and spr \per" (without quotation marks).

Book purchase suggestions

If you need books you don’t find in the inventory of the SUB oder des Union Catalogue (GVK), you can suggest that they be purchased. Enter the title of the desired work in this form. If you would like to receive a reply, please give an e-mail address or phone number.

Kindly note that budgetary constraints may mean a requested book cannot be purchased.