Research Training Group 1644 "Scaling Problems in Statistics"

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RTG Rules ('Einrichtungsordnung') [download]

Information on business trips:
All travel-related forms you find [here] , in the university's employee portal. You can enter this internal page with your gwdg-account login. Particularly important are:
(1) Travel authorization request ('Dienstreise - Antrag auf Genehmigung'): to be filled in before travelling. Please note that in case of trips abroad or trips of more than 7 days, the dean of your faculty needs to sign on the second page!
(2) Reimbursement of travel expenses ('Reisekosten Abrechnung').

Information on employment of student research assistants ('Studentische Hilfskräfte'):
In case you would like to hire a student research assistants for your project, inform the coordination office (Dörte Dede, Tel.: 21100, Provide name and contact details of your candidate, the desired duration and monthly working hours (maximum: 40 hours per month) of the contract. The coordination office gets in touch with your potential assistant to comply with formalities and to forward the necessary documents to personnel department. Please note that the processing of a contract might take 3-4 weeks.

Download Invited Talks

  • Daniel Gianola, July 19, 2011: Prediction of complex traits using neural networks. [download]
  • Daniel Gianola, July 19, 2011: How reliable are model-derived reliabilities? [download]
  • Grace Wahba, May 4, 2011: Regularization Methods in Statistical Model Building - an Introduction. [download]
  • Grace Wahba, May 5, 2011: Examining the Relative Influence of Familial, Genetic, and Covariate Information in Flexible Risk Models. [download]