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Foundation Council Award of the Georg-August-University Göttingen Public Law Foundation

The Foundation Council Award aims to distinguish members of the Georgia Augusta for special ideas and activities in the fields of fundraising as well as science and publicity. An additional award is given for outstanding publications of young scientists of the University. The awards are each in the amount of 2,500 Euro and directed towards teachers, employees and students of the University.

The Foundation Council Award is given yearly in the following categories, if possible:

1st Category: Fundraising for the Foundation University Göttingen
This awards the most original fundraising idea. It is not the amount raised which is of importance here, rather the new source of income tapped.

2nd Category: Science and Publicity
With this award, the Foundation Council strives to support initiatives which convey scientific working processes and new knowledge to the public.

3rd Category: Outstanding Publications of Young Scientists
Articles accepted for publication in evaluated magazines or published books of young scientists (up to age 35) from all fields may be submitted for this award.

The Foundation Council may also present a special award, independent of these categories.

Award Amount
The Foundation Council Award is given in the amount of 2,500 Euro for each of the three categories.

The award is given exclusively to members (teachers, employees, students) of the Georgia Augusta and may be awarded to either one individual person or several people. The point in time at which the accomplishment was performed is relevant for determining university membership.

Application Procedures
Well-founded self-applications as well as detailed suggestions made by employees of the University are also possible.
The application must be submitted twofold in writing. It may not exceed five pages in length (without attachments). The application letter (without attachments) must be sent as a Word- document to the following email address:
Foundation Council Award

A self-application is not possible in the category ?Outstanding Publications of Young Scientists?.
The birth date of the suggested person must be given.
If there are multiple authors, the genuine performance of the suggested person must be conveyed also in the positioning within the listing of the authors in the published version.

Application Deadline
June 30th of each year.

Decision Process
The Foundation Council decides on the allocation of the award.

Legal Recourse
The judge's decision is final.

Please send applications to:
Chair of the Foundation Council of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Stiftung Öffentlichen Rechts
attn. Susanne Rogge
Von-Siebold-Str. 2
37075 Göttingen