Chair of Development Economics

Dr. Maria C. Lo Bue

2015: Ph.D. in Economics, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
2010: M.Sc. in Advanced Development Economics, University of Florence, Italy
2006: B.A. in Economic Development and International Cooperation, University of Palermo, Italy

Research Interests:
Development Economics, Poverty and Inequality, Health, Nutrition, Education

  • Development Economics III (Master lecture. WiSe 2017/18)
  • Introduction to Development Economics (Bachelor lecture. SoSe 2017)
  • Development Economics II (Master tutorial. SoSe 2013 and 2015)
  • Development Economics III (Master tutorial. WiSe 2013/14 and 2014/15)
  • Econometrics (Bachelor lecture. Dep. of Computer Sciences, University of Verona. Winter Semester 2016/17)
  • Microeconomics (Bachelor tutorial. Dep. of Economics, University of Verona. Winter Semester 2016/17)

  • Projects:

  • Reducing Poverty Risk in Developing Countries: Dynamic Poverty Measurement

  • Past
  • 2015/16: Inequality in countries transitioning from low-income to lower-middle income
  • 2011/13: Interdependencies of poverty dimensions: Implications for fighting poverty, development cooperation and the MDGs today and after 2015 (Collaborative Project between KFW and the University of Göttingen)

  • Publications:
  • Lo Bue, M.C. (2017). Early Childhood during the Indonesia's Wildfires: Health Outcomes and Long Run Schooling Achievements, Forthcoming in Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • Lo Bue, M.C. and Priebe, J. (2017). Revisiting the socioeconomic determinants of exclusive breastfeeding practices: Evidence from Eastern Indonesia. Forthcoming in Oxford Development Studies.
  • Maria C. Lo Bue and Stephan Klasen (2013). Identifying Synergies and Complementarities Between MDGs: Results from Cluster AnalysisSocial Indicators Research, Springer, vol. 113(2), pages 647-670, September

  • Working Papers:
  • Idzalika, R. and Lo Bue, M.C. (2016). Opportunities in Education: are factors outside individual responsibility persistent? Evidence from Indonesia, 1997-2007. ECINEQ Working Paper 397/2016, ECINEQ, Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (R&R in Journal of Development Studies)
  • Jan Priebe, Fiona Howell and Maria C. Lo Bue (2014). Examining the Role of 'Modernisation' and Health-Care Demand in Shaping Optimal Breastfeeding Practices: Evidence on Exclusive Breastfeeding from Eastern Indonesia. TNP2K Working Paper 11d, 2014.
  • Jan Priebe, Fiona Howell and Maria C. Lo Bue (2014). Availability and Quality of Public Health Facilities in Eastern Indonesia: Results from the Indonesia Family Life Survey East 2012. TNP2K Working Paper 11c, 2014
  • Maria C. Lo Bue (2013). 'Are there synergies between the MDGs?', KfW Policy Brief No 3, March 2013.
  • Klasen, S., Lange, S. and M. Lo Bue (2012): “New Developments in National and International Poverty Measurement: Promise, Limits, and Applicability for different Development Actors”, KfW “Studien und Materialien” series.