Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology

Bachelor Studies Introduction

The appeal of the Bachelor Programme is that it teaches the connections between the natural, economic, political and engineering sciences through its focus on the subject of forests. This breadth, which is not offered in other degree programmes, makes the degree scientifically interesting for new students as it promotes lateral thinking and provides background knowledge in a large number of subjects and is practically relevant as well.

In addition to the compulsory subjects there are elective courses which can be selected based on your own interests and inclinations. In the fifth semester a work experience placement (internship programme) in a forestry enterprise is undertaken for three months.

The Bachelor degree is awarded as a Bachelor of Science after completion of the Bachelor examination and the Bachelor thesis. The Bachelor degree is the admission requirement for further study in the Master Programme.

The Bachelor examination is composed of 30 module examinations that take place during the 6 semesters of the programme. The examinations are assessed by a written or oral examination, as a term paper, or as an oral presentation with a written script.

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