Sustainable International Agriculture

Enrolment at the University of Göttingen


The Study programme “Sustainable International Agriculture” is a joint degree of the universities of Göttingen and Kassel/Witzenhausen. Still all students should enrol in Göttingen. Their data will automatically be transferred to Kassel/Witzenhausen.
Required for the matriculation at the university is the successful application and the receipt of a “letter of admission” from the Admission Office of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.


For enrolment foreign students can register online at the Georg-August-University Göttingen for the matriculation and submit their documents by Postage to

Studium International
Von-Siebold-Str. 2
37075 Göttingen

Or they can choose to wait and enrol upon arrival in Göttingen. The process might take up to two weeks.

Similar to the admission process the enrolment involves several steps:

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