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Performance-Based Allocation of Funds

Performance-based allocation of funds (Leistungsorientierte Mittelvergabe, LOM) takes place at different levels. At state level, the University of Göttingen receives funds from the State of Lower Saxony in competition with other public universities. The state allocates ten per cent of state support according to a formula that includes performance indicators relating to the areas of research, teaching and gender equality.

The University then passes on this reallocation (in terms of profit or loss) to its faculties based on internal calculations.

In the faculties, specific internal LOM systems are applied. To do justice to the specific subject cultures, each faculty has developed its own LOM procedures for research and teaching. Up to 6,9 % of the faculty budget (including staff costs) is allocated this way.

You find more information on performance-based allocation of funds and the relevant software FACTScience here: Mitarbeiterinnen- und Mitarbeiterportal (MaP)