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Stefan Dreizler

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NASA/ESA, R. Massey
NASA/ESA, F. Paresce, R. O'Connell
   and Wide Field Camera 3 Science
   Oversight Committee
NASA/ESA, J. Clarke


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CRC 963 Astrophysical Flow Instabilities and Turbulence

In astrophysics and cosmology, fluid flow occurs on a large range of scales and under very different condi-tions, from the dense interior of stars and planets to the highly rarefied intergalactic medium. These flows share the fact that they are generally turbulent, i.e. highly disordered both in space and time. Most astrophysical flows occur under conditions where the driving forces generate large fluctuations in velocity and pressure with important consequences for the transport of energy and mass. Turbulence is one of the key processes for the structure and evolution of a large variety of geo- and astrophysical systems. Astrophysical turbulence and instabilities occur in connection with rotation, convection, and magnetic fields. more...