Dr. Björn Hof

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Bunsenstraße 10
37073 Göttingen

Phone:  +49 (0)551 5176-510
Email:    bhof (at) gwdg.de

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed publications / book publications:

  • Hof, B., de Lozar, A., Avila, M., Tu, X., Schneider, T. M., 2010: “Eliminating turbulence in spatially intermittent flows”, Science 327, 1491–1494
  • Hof, B., de Lozar, A., Kuik, D. J., Westerweel, J., 2008: “Repeller or attractor? Selecting the dynamical model for the onset of turbulence in pipe flow”, Physical Review Letters 101, 214501
  • Hof, B., Westerweel, J., Schneider, T. M., Eckhardt, B., 2006: “Finite lifetime of turbulence in shear flows“, Nature 443, 59–62
  • Hof, B., van Doorne, C.W.H., Westerweel, J., Nieuwstadt, F.T.M., Faisst, H., Eckhardt, B., Wedin, H., Kerswell, R.R., Waleffe, F., 2004: “Experimental observation of nonlinear travelling waves in turbulent pipe flow”, Science 305 1594
  • Hof, B., Juel, A., Mullin, T., 2003: “Scaling of the turbulence transition threshold in a pipe”, Physical Review Letters 91, 244502

Scientific activities, awards and honors

  • Awarded a RCUK Academic Fellowship in 2005