Prof. Dr. Gert Lube

University of Göttingen
Institute of Numerical and Applied Mathematics
Lotzestr. 16-18
37083 Göttingen

Phone:  +49 (0)551 39-4503
Email:    lube (at)

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed publications / book publications:

  • Braack, M., Lube, G., 2009: “Finite Elements with local projection stabilization for incompressible flows”, Journal of Computational Mathematics 27, 116-147
  • Lube, G., Knopp, T., Rapin, G., Gritzki, R., Roesler, M., 2008: “Stabilized finite element methods to predict ventilation efficiency ant thermal comfort in buildings”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 57, 1269-1290
  • Braack, M., Burman, E., John, V., Lube, G., 2007: “Stabilized finite element methods for the generalized Oseen problem”, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 196, 4-6, 853-866
  • Lube, G., Rapin, G., 2006: “Residual-based stabilized higher-order FEM for a generalized Oseen problem”, Mathematic of Models and Methods in Applied Science 16, 7, 949-966
  • Gelhard, T., Lube, G., Olshanskii, M.A., Starcke, J.H., 2005: “Stabilized finite element schemes with LBB-stable elements for incompressible flows”, Journal of Computational Mathematics 177, 243-267

Scientific activities, awards and honors

  • Editorial Board of: Journal of Algorithms & Computational Technology, Journal of Applied Mathematics