Dr. Haitao Xu

Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Am Fassberg 11
37077 Göttingen

Phone:  +49 (0)551 5176-331
Email:    Haitao.xu (at) ds.mpg.de


Selected publications

Peer-reviewed publications / book publications:

  • Xu, H., Verberg, R., Koch, D. L., Louge, M., 2009: "Dense, bounded shear flows of agitated spheres in a gas at intermediate Stokes and finite Reynolds number", Journal of Fluid Mechanics 618, 181
  • Xu, H., Bodenschatz, E., 2008: "Motion of inertial particles with size larger than Kolmogorov scale in turbulent flows", Physcia D 237, 2095
  • Xu, H., 2008: "Tracking Lagrangian trajectories in position-velocity space", Measurement Science and Technology 19, 075105
  • Xu, H., Ouellette, N. T., Bourgoin, M., Bodenschatz, E., 2006: "High-order Lagrangian velocity statistics in turbulence", Physical Review Letters 96, 024503
  • Bourgoin, M., Ouellette, N. T., Xu, H., Berg, J., Bodenschatz, E., 2006: "The role of pair dispersion in turbulent flows", Science 311, 835

Scientific activities, awards and honors

  • Referee for scientific journals: J. Fluid Mech., Phys. Rev. E., New J. Phys., Exp. Fluids, J. Turb.
  • Reviewer for proposals to Deutsche Forschung Gesellschaft (DFG), Israel Science Foundation(ISF)
  • Teaching Award (2003) from Sibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University