Governing 'new social risks': The case of recent child policies in European welfare states

Delphine Keppens
Post-Doc, Co-Investigator within the project, Ehesp, France

Education and Training
2011: PhD of Social Sciences, Paris Descartes University, Cerlis, directed by F. de Singly, How medical becomes familial. Children diabetes and obesity.
2006: Master 2 of sociology, Paris Descartes University, Cerlis, directed by F. de Singly and D. Desjeux, Lost of weight success and failure.
2005: Master 1 of sociology, Paris Descartes University, Cerlis, directed by F. de Singly and C. Giraud, Mother and child’s obesity.

Work Experience
2010-2011 (first semester) : Lecture: “Sociology of Chronic illness”, in the Master sociology of survey, Health section.

International experience
2001 (various experiences): “International Building”, Belgian ONG: Thailand, 6 weeks; Other: London, 1 month; Brazil, 3 month
2002-2003: First year in Sociology at University of Liege, Belgium
2006-2009: Diabetes survey for the PhD in Canada, Ontario.

Main communications
2011: Parent and familisation. Turn rules into “familial material” when having a diabetic or obese child, Aliss Seminar, INRA, Paris, France.
2011: Medical Familialisation: how medical becomes familial, PhD Day , Cerlis, Paris, France.
2011: What parent say to the health care professional, International Multidisciplinary Congress Germes-SHS, Nantes, France.
2010: Methodology to access to what parent do with medical prescription, RT33 Day study, AFS, Paris, France.
2009: Family face to childhood obesity, AFS Congress, Paris.
2008: Children diabetes and obesity. How medical becomes familial., ISA Congress, Mc Gill University, Montréal, Canada.
2006: Mother and child’s obesity, second AFS Congress, Bordeaux, France.


  • Actes of the Colloque GERMES-SHS : “Health, what a work !? Health and Illness, Between expert definition and professional practices”,Obese or diabetec child’s parent validation to the health care profesional in stake, Nantes, 2011; available on:
  • The parental expertise of the sick child, Kinésiterapie Scientifique, Paris (to be published).