Governing 'new social risks': The case of recent child policies in European welfare states

Prof. Claude Martin
Principal investigator within the project

Education and training
2001: Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HdR), Paris Sorbonne-Descartes University
1992: PhD sociology, Paris 8 University
1979-1980: Psychology doctor’s degree scholarship grant Canadian government at Laval university of Québec
1979: DEA (master 2) in psychology, University of Caen,
1976: Bachelor Psychology, University of Caen

Work experience
Since 2010: Director of the Research centre on political action in Europe (about 90 researchers, lecturers and doctor’s degree students, University of Rennes 1, Science Po Rennes and Ehesp school of public health)
Since 2009: Chair on Social Care, Ehesp School of public health
2002: Research professor at the CNRS (National centre for scientific research)
1996: full-time CNRS senior research fellow and
1992-1996: professor at the National school of public health (Ecole Nationale de Santé Publique)
1982-1992: Research assistant, university of Caen

Summary of recent research
2008- 2012: PI, in a research funded by French research agency (ANR), coordination M. Rebourg, University of West Brittany, “Trajectory of vulnerability in old age” (Grant: €250,000).
2007-2010: Coordinator of a research program funded by the French research agency “Workers under pressure and social care” (WOUPS) (Grant: €156 000)
2006- 2008: Coordinator of a research funded by Direction of research of the Ministry of Social Affairs, “Working and caring of a dependent elderly in Europe (France, Germany, Italy)” (Grants: €60,800).
2004 –2007: Principal investigator (PI), coordination action (6ème PCRDT- European commission), coordination L. Flaquer, university of Barcelona: «Well-being of children: the impact of changing family forms, working conditions of parents, social policy and legislative measures – WELLCHI network» (Grant: €599,469)
2005- 2006: Coordinator with B. Le Bihan of a research funded by Direction of Research (DREES) Ministry of Social Affairs “Implementation of the minimum income RMI/RMA in 9 counties” (Grant: €49,000)
2005-2007: Coordinator of a research funded by Direction of research of the Ministry of Social Affairs (DREES), “Impact of atypical working hours on childcare arrangements” (Grants: €36,000)
2000-2002: PI 5th PCRDT European commission, coordinator J. Sipila Tempere University, “New kinds of family, new kinds of social care: Shaping multi-dimensional European policies for informal and formal care” (Grant: € 1 million)

International activities
1998- 2004: Member of the European observatory on social situation, demography and the family, European Commission
2006-2011: Vice-president of the French Sociological Association in charge of international affairs
1997-2000: Visiting professor, Institut national de la recherche Scientifique « Culture et société, Université de Montréal
Member of RN 13 ‘Family and private life’ European Sociological Association, member of different international associations: AIS, ESA, Espanet

Some publications

  • Changement et pensée du changement. Autour de Robert Castel (sous la direction de R. Castel et C. Martin), Paris, éditions La découverte, 2012, 362 pages
  • Aider les parents à être de « meilleurs » parents. Perspectives internationales. (Helping parents to be better parents. International perspectives (S. Lemoine, M-P. Hamel & C. Martin, eds), Paris, La Documentation française et Centre d’analyse stratégique, 2012, 200 pages.
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  • 1987:
  • Les familles monoparentales. Evolution et traitement social. Paris, Editions sociales françaises (with D. Le Gall).

  • Editorial Board membership
    Coeditor of the international journal Lien social et Politiques (Montréal, Fides); Member of the board Social Policy and Administration (Oxford, Blackwell); Politiques sociales et familiales (Paris, CNAF), Sociologie (Paris, PUF), Análise Social (Instituto de Ciências Sociais, université de Lisbonne)

    Member of the Scientific board of the EHESP School of public health, member of the scientific board of the INED (National institute of demographic studies) ; member of the executive committee of the Fondation for Research on Alzheimer disease