Governing 'new social risks': The case of recent child policies in European welfare states

Åsa Lundqvist
Cooperating partner to the project

Education and Training
1996 – 2001: Lund University, Sweden, Filosofie doktorsexamen (Ph.D.), Sociology.
1993 – 1995: Lund University, Sweden, Filosofie licentiatexamen (M.A.), Sociology.
1989 – 1992: Lund University, Sweden, Filosofie kandidat (BA) in History, Sociology and Gender studies.

Work experience
Since 2011: Senior lecturer, Department of Sociology, Lund University.
2009 – 2010: Senior lecturer, Department of Social Work and Social Policy, Lund University.
2006 – 2008: Senior Lecturer, Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University.
2004 – 2006: Senior Lecturer, School of Social Work, Malmö University.
2001 – 2004: Researcher, Department of Sociology, Lund University.

Summary of recent research
2012 – 2013: “Lone Mothers and Long Hours. Gender and work in a new welfare regime. Funder: Swedish Research Council (SRC). Role: Principal Investigator with Christine Roman (€ 430.000).
2010 – 2012: “The Persuasive Reform Bureaucracy: On activating inspectors, active labour market policy and women’s participation in the labour market”. Funder: Swedish Research Council (SRC). Role: Principal Investigator (€ 265.000).
2007 – 2012: “Nordic Centre of Excellence. The Nordic Welfare State – Historical Foundations and Future Challenges”. Funder: Nordforsk. Role: Co-investigator and member of one of its steering committees.
2006 – 2008: “Women and men of the Swedish Model. Elite and Biography in Post War Sweden”. Funder: The Bank of Tercentenary. Role: Principal Investigator (€ 150.000).
2003 – 2005: ”Gender Equality as a Perspective on Welfare: The Limits of Political Ambition?” Funder: Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordforsk. Role: Co-Investigator (€ 630.000).
2002 – 2005: ”Modern families and individualization processes. Construction and change in the concept of family in Sweden, 1930-2000”. Funder: Swedish Research Council (SRC). Role: Principal Investigator with Christine Roman (€ 230.000).

International experience
1997 spring: Visiting Fellow, Department of Sociology, Essex University, UK.
2008 fall: Visiting Fellow at Institutt for tverrfaglige kulturstudier (Institute for interdisciplinary cultural studies), NTNU, Norway.
2009 spring: Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Welfare State Research at the Southern University of Denmark.

Main publications for project

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  • 2008:
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  • 2007:
  • 'Familjen i den svenska modellen'. Umeå: Boréa Bokförlag. [The Family in the Swedish Model]

  • Referee for
    European Science Foundation (ESF), Norwegian Research Council, Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research, Sociologisk Forskning, European Sociological Review, European Journal of Women’s Studies, Journal of European Social Policy and the Policy Press Journal.