GGNB Career Service Unit

Individual counseling and advice

If you need specific advice or have questions concerning aspects of your professional life, you can ask for an initial appointment with the coordinator of the Career Service Unit Stefanie Klug.

We offer advice in all career-related issues, such as

  • Elaborating career and job opportunities for life and natural scientists
  • Receiving clarification about career goals based on own strengths and interests
  • Developing plans and strategies to achieve career goals
  • Using social media for career-related issues and social networking
  • Dealing with work-related challenges

To exploit the full potential of counseling, we expect you to do some preparation first! Write down your questions and aims and a request for an appointment to If you think it may facilitate giving advice, you might add a short CV or further background information. This way, the coordinator can better prepare the meeting and, if needed, request additional outside advice.