Research Topics for Master Theses or Projects

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Intelligent Database Systems and Informative Database Answers
Databases return only exactly matching answers to a query. If not matching answer can be found, the database answer is empty. It may however be the case that relevant answers are contained in the database that are similar to the user's query intention. These informative answers should now be automatically found by the database system. In the scope of this thesis several topics of intelligent query answering can be covered like for example, ranking of informative answers.
NOSQL Databases
Traditional SQL databases store data in a strict table format. However, a translation of data into the relational table format is often difficult (for example for arbitrary documents, object in object-oriented programs, or XML data). Modern database technologies like XML databases and graph databases are of increasing importance today. For example, social networks can be stored in graph databases. In the scope of this thesis, either several NOSQL databases (in the sense of not-only-SQL) shall be compared or a technical detail of one NOSQL system shall be analyzed in depth.
A comparison of Cloud Database providers
A subarea of cloud computing is the database as a service: Instead of storing databases in a local database system, a database management system and storage space is rented at an external provider. In the scope of this thesis, several providers of cloud databases shall be compared. Criteria can be for example the offered interfaces, underlying database technology and security.