Department of Business Administration

Prof. Boztug Aula neu 200pxProf. Dr. Yasemin Boztuğ – Chair of Marketing and Consumer Behavior

  • Discrete choice modeling
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Food marketing
  • Application of nonparametric and semi-parametric models in marketing
  • Pricing strategy
  • Brand choice models
  • Market basket analysis

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Dierkes in der Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Stefan Dierkes – Chair of Finance and Control

  • Value and risk based management
  • Agency theory
  • Systems of incentive
  • Cost accounting systems
  • Revenue managment
  • Systems of control
  • Investment and financing theory
  • Health care management
  • Capital market theory

Prof. Froese Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian J. Froese - Chair of Human Resource Management and Asian Business

  • International human resource management
  • Diversity management
  • Talent management
  • Expatriation

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Hammerschmidt Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Maik Hammerschmidt – Chair of Marketing and Innovation Management

  • Marketing performance measurement
  • Multi-channel- and sales management
  • Service innovations
  • E-business and social media
  • Corporate social responsibility

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Hitz Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Jörg-Markus Hitz – Chair of Accounting and Auditing

  • Market-based accounting research
  • Executive compensation
  • International financial reporting standards (IFS)
  • Corporate governance

Porträtaufnahme Kolbe Aula neu 200px

Prof. Dr. Lutz M. Kolbe – Chair of Information Management

  • Smart mobility
  • Information management in renewable resources
  • Digital transformation
  • Information technology innovation management

Porträtaufnahme Korn Aula neu 200px

Prof. Dr. Olaf Korn – Chair of Finance

  • Risk management
  • Derivatives
  • Portfolio management
  • Liquidity in financial markets
  • Commodity markets

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Maurer Aula neu 200px

Prof. Dr. Indre Maurer - Chair of Organization and Corporate Development

  • Social network relationships
  • Firm capabilities
  • Innovation

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Muntermann Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Jan Muntermann – Chair of Electronic Finance und Digital Markets

  • Digital Markets and Market Microstructure
  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Finance
  • Development and Execution of Digital Business Strategies

Prof. Oestreicher Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Andreas Oestreicher – Chair of Business Administration with a special focus on Business Taxation

  • Company taxation
  • International taxation
  • Tax transfer pricing
  • Empirical tax research
  • Experimental studies on taxation

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Schumann Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schumann – Chair of Application Systems and E-Business

  • Digitalization of Production Processes
  • Digitalization of Knowledge Work
  • Competence Measurement and E-Learning
  • Social Media in Business Context

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Seeber Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Susan Seeber – Chair of Business Education and Human Resource Development

  • Large-scale assessments in vocational education and training (VET)
  • Measurement of professional competencies in business and administration, and in sustainability management
  • Social disparities in transition from school to work
  • National reporting on VET

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Toporowski Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Toporowski – Chair of Marketing and Retail Management

  • Marketing channels
  • Self-service information technologies
  • Retail brands
  • Multi-channel retailing
  • Sustainability

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Trang Aula 200px

Assistant Prof. Dr. Simon Trang – Chair of Information Security and Compliance ("Juniorprofessur")

  • Information Security
  • Strategic IT Management
  • Networked Businesses

Foto Trenz Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Manuel Trenz – Chair of Interorganizational Information Systems

  • Impact and design of digital innovations
  • Strategies for digital platforms
  • Convergence of physical and digital interactions
  • User interactions with complex digital services

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Warwas Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Julia Warwas – Chair of Business Education with focus on Professional Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching professionalism and leadership in (vocational) schools
  • Importance of professional self-concept and value orientation in one's professional life
  • Evaluation of further education and quality management measures in vocational education

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Weiger Aula 200px

Assistant Prof. Dr. Welf Weiger – Chair of Digital Marketing ('Juniorprofessur')

  • Customer Engagement in Social Media
  • Social Commerce
  • Brand Buzz
  • Online Advertising
  • Gamification

Porträtaufnahme Prof. Wolff Aula 200px

Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff – Chair of Management and Control

  • Corporate governance
  • Digitalization
  • Corporate strategy
  • Incentive systems
  • Value based management