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KaWirMento - Career Paths Into Business Sector

For many graduating and graduated academics a career in an enterprise is an attractive job opportunity. The mentoring programm KaWirMento aims at preparing and accompanying graduating and graduated students for and on their way into the business sector. Demands on a successful perspective in the business sector shall become clearer and participants shall be supported to qualify for an enterprise entry.

Program structure

The one-year program consists of three units:

One-to-one mentoring

During the entire program each participant will be accompanied by a mentor - a manager of an (regional) enterprise. The mentor will consult the mentees concerning career entries and perspectives for the future career.


In a concomitant training program mentees will take part in three two-day workshops on the topics: “capability analysis and career planning”, “professional manner”, and “project leading and personnel management”.
The mentors will get the opportunity to participate in an individually adjusted workshop to develop their leadership competencies.


In further events (e.g. expert lunches) participants have the possibility to inform about career perspectives and build up networks.

Dr. Kathrin Schröder-Tittmann, Chief of Laboratory at Satorius and Mentee of the 1st Round:
"The conversations with my mentor have essentially contributed to my successful transition from university to the industrial sector. Meanwhile I achieved, what I always aimed for and I attribute this fast and successful transition to the KaWirMento programme."