Erasmus Mundus MA Euroculture:
Society, politics and culture in a global context


On October 30th, the new Euroculture cohort went on their first excursion of the program: a trip to the capital of Lower Saxony, Hanover.
The day started with a visit of the European Information Center, where the group was given a presentation about Europe's history, values and its organization as well as an outline of possible career opportunities in the field of European politics. After this very input oriented part of the day, the group had lunch at the "Markthalle". Built in 1892, this iconic place has since then offered its visitors good food at reasonable prices, and turned out to be a good choice for a little break.

Having restored their energy, the group headed to the parliament, but first stopped at Hannover's city hall. While inside, several models which depicted the city's development throughout the centuries grabbed the student's attention. It was the city hall's impressive outside, especially in combination with the picturesque lake in front of it that turned out to be the perfect subject for commemorative photos. Several more were taken in front of the statue of the famous "Göttingen Seven".

After this nice walk, the group was given the opportunity to have an insight into the different workplaces of politicians within the context of a private tour. Not only the different parties' areas were visited, but also the plenary assembly room, where the students learned about the organization and procedure of parliamentarian discussions. The tour was concluded with an outline of the building's history, as well as the new improvements currently taking place.

The last highlight of the day was the visit of the Sprengel Museum, a museum for modern art. With its exposition "Zehn Räume, drei Loggien und ein Saal", the museum celebrated the opening of a new wing and invited different artists to design the rooms, putting the room itself into focus. Very unusual and hence popular was a completely dark room, with the aim that visitors would focus only on themselves and their thoughts.

Overall, this historic, informative and fun trip to Hanover was perceived as a big success and we are looking forward to the next excursion!